Technique Art Fair : Dedicated to a skillful approach to fine art.

November 29th - December 4th 2016

La Venus Moderne / Darian Rodriguez Mederos

La Venus Moderne / Darian Rodriguez Mederos


Technique Art Fair

Technique : n. 1817, from French technique "formal practical details in artistic expression," noun use of adj. technique "of art, technical," from Greek tekhnikos.

Stacy Conde, of Conde Contemporary, the gallery on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables with a concentration on narrative realism, photorealistic portraiture and surrealism, has decided to launch Technique Art Fair.

The focus of Technique Art Fair is skill based work, primarily representational, by a body of international artists, represented by a host of world class galleries and dealers.

"...contemporary art is in many ways so entranced by the conceptual that the actual work and technique involved in creating art, have become secondary, tertiary even, to the obfuscated artist's statement. Happily, I sense a seismic shift is underway”, says Stacy Conde.

She isn't alone in predicting a return to representational work, where an artist’s skill is self evident.

After MoMA PS1 opened its 'Greater New York' quinquennial last fall with a noticeable crop of talented young figurative artists, the website Artspace exulted: 'The figure is back, baby!' Four days later, during the Frieze Art Fair, in London, The New York Times trumpeted: 'The Triumphant Return of Figurative Art.' And in December, during Art Basel Miami Beach, the über-dealers Jeffrey Deitch and Larry Gagosian joined forces to put on a splashy, market-friendly show of figurative painting and sculpture. Titled 'Unrealism,' it featured both old hands such as Marlene Dumas and rising stars like Mira Dancy, known for reinvigorating the female nude with electric colors and a feminist gaze.' - by Fan Zhong, April 15, 2016 for W Magazine.